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Cemetery at 3920 Samuell Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75228

Grove Hill Funeral Home & Grove Hill Memorial Park is a peaceful final resting place for loved ones in the Dallas community. Contact us to learn about our range of memorialization options.

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    My family has a cemetery plots at Grove Hill Memorial Park since 1985. My Uncle Monty Lee Morgan passed away in 1985, My grandfather, passed away in 1986, and my mother passed away in 2003 all interned at Grove Hill. Over the past 31 years I have been complaining that every time I visit my family there is no grass on the graves and it looks like they were just buried. I have requested over years for the cemetery to put glass over my family graves and a yes, Sir we will get right on it. Well it has NEVER happened.
    My aunt and grand mother has gone to the cemetery office, and NEVER is the same person sitting in the office. We have heard excuses after excuses. This is a pepetiual care cemetery they must comply to the upkeep. I visited my mother for mothers day and when i approached the head stone, i actually thought that my mothers and uncles head stones were stolen, but actually i had to uncover them because mud covered them completly.
    This cemetery by far is the most unprofessional in the industry. WE have filed a grievance with the state not only for my family but the countless people that have no voice any longer.
    my aunt and myself walked this cemetery and actually remember playing on this land 46 years ago. I reflect now and think how could a corporation SCI run this into the ground.
    there are broken headstones all over the cemetery, broken branches, mud covering the roads, water standing in sections, pot holes in the road, roads that once were are not blocked off. vases were stolen off people head stones, what appears to be lawnmower driving in sections are running over the head stones and damaging.

    I have reached out to the GM and always get an reason of why he is not in the office or cant come to the phone.

    if the cemetery is actually reading this call me AFTER 310.497.2673 you have looked my FAMILY graves. NO GRASS IN 31 YEARS. L. MORGAN, E. MORGAN. M. MORGAN.

    Added May 16, 2019 by JAMES ALLEN
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    This place isn't worthy of one single star recently buried my little girl i had her space decorated and they took most of the decorations out without even a letter saying they where going to do this. At least have the dicency to ask if we wanted to keep some of the things. Instead they threw them away like if we didnt spend time and money on it.. Alot of the babys had there little land decorated and had mostly etverything taken out such disrespectful of the staff to do this .. i highly do not recomend this place at all ..

    Added July 04, 2017 by Guadalupe Salazar
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    We had my great-grandmother buried out here. At the graveside service, we were were told to leave after 15 minutes. They would not allow some of the mourners to take a flower from the casket because they were speaking with family from out of state and did not realize we were on a time limit. We felt it was extremely disrespectful to rush a grieving family out of the way. I could understand if it was an hour or so, but literally 15 minutes after the graveside service we were told to move.

    Added May 20, 2017 by simpsonschick1
  • I have 2 grandsons and my son is buried at this funeral home. I can't miss the opportunity to say that I am very pleased and it was a pleasure working with Shandra (maybe misspelled), but she is awesome. That you Grove Hill for all that you do to keep the ground well maintained and your friendly smile!

    Added January 20, 2017 by Sheila Chew
  • Qui sono sepolti i leggendari campioni del wreling:The Von Erich :The yellow rose of TX

    Added August 14, 2016 by Elena Gigliotti
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